Which "Golden Girl" Are You??

Some moms have told me recently that it looks like I have everything figured out.  I practically wet my pants laughing. I wanted to scream, "Are you for real?"  Who the hell has this "job" of motherhood figured out?

But, one thing did pop into my head, which is very rare.  Have you ever watched the show "Golden Girls"?  It was a cool show about four women living together who had raised kids and survived.

Being a new mom or a mom with experience, you need to do one important thing - surround yourself with the right circle of friends! Think the sitcom, "Golden Girls".  These women were cool and all played a role!  

The circle would consist of these characters:

1.  Dorothy -  She would be the friend who would always tell you the truth.  Even if you didn't ask for it.  Dorothy would be the leader and the boss.  There would be no B.S. coming from her mouth.  She is the friend you would want standing beside you in a fight.

2.  Rose -  She would be the friend making you laugh.  Definitely not sweating the small stuff in life.  She would be the nice and airy one.  Think like a "crunchy, Green Peace" friend who always thinks about everybody else's feelings first.  When you are having a bad day, Rose is the friend who will put a smile on your face.

3.  Blanche -  She would be the friend who is the "most social".  You know exactly what I mean by that.  You could live through her stories and her drama.  This friend is the one always put together and everyone looks at.  Blanche is the coordinator of the group because she is the first to try anything.  

4.  Sophia -   She is the friend who has the foul mouth and takes no prisoners.  Sophia is the one who says what you would love to say.  She has no filter and does not give a crap.  What you see, is what you get.  Think refreshing.  But, she will always have your back after she tells you first.

This circle of friends will balance out all the chaos and craziness of this roller coaster ride we call "motherhood".  These are the women who are gonna sit next to you and ride that ride with you.

People have asked me who I am.  My circle consists of Michelle, Audrey, Diane, and myself.  Michelle is Dorothy, Audrey is Rose, Diane is Sophia, and drum roll please......  I am Blanche.  But not for all the reasons I listed above.  I definitely am the first one to try something - going skydiving this summer, but for the mere fact I was "VERY SOCIAL" when I was younger.  Enough said!

So, play the "Golden Girls" theme song and find that circle!  Your journey will be a hell of a lot easier!!!