Summer Vacation - Hell or Nirvana??

Summer Vacation Hell???

Yeahhhh!!!!!  I am soo happy it is summer vacation.  Moms across the land dream and hope for this day to come!

Hold on and wait one second.  For real?  If we are totally being honest with ourselves and other Moms, is this time of the year like Nirvana, Hell, or somewhere in between?

My vote is somewhere in between.  Believe me, when vacation first starts, I am ecstatic that we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and can ALL sleep in.  For some, schedules are thrown out the window and it goes back to calm.

Most important, the kids are happy, in turn, makes you happy!  You feel like you could conquer the world.  Boy, does that change real fast!

Somewhere in the middle, the tide turns.  As soon as the kids get out of bed, which goes back to pretty early, there is one question to ask – “What are we doing today?” followed by “I’m bored”.  Okay, I don’t know about all you other Moms, but I never signed on to be Julie from The Love Boat.  I don’t get paid enough to be Cruise Director.

Nirvana seems to totally go away and Hell begins to approach.  There is constant battling, yelling and most of all, chaos appears.  This is  the time of year that is supposed to refresh everyone and give them inner peace.  LOL!

You had visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, but now you are bombarded with feelings of anguish and disgust.  And, most of all guilt!  This ride is not what you envisioned for the infamous “Summer Vacation”.

Well, I say too bad.  It is what it is.  The only reason they have summer vacation is so that the poor teachers teaching our kids can get a break.  This way they won’t quit! 

You have had all these expectations and now most of them are not going the way you thought.  You put time and thought into things and now they have gone to the wayside.

I so could solve this problem.  Don’t most countries go to school all year long?  Not a bad thought, right?  I say “Summer Vacation” is only 3 weeks long.  Everyone wins!

The teachers get a break and the Moms get a reprieve!  Moms still get to have the bonding time, where there is joy all around, before it all falls apart!  Let’s be perfectly honest, school is Moms saving grace!!!

Who should I contact to get this started???


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