Kid's Meltdowns - Gotta Love Them!

Listen, we all have been through our kid's dreaded and infamous meltdowns.  The ones who say that they have never had to watch their kids out of control, are just lying.  Take the rose colored glasses off!

You can always sense this coming.  It is like the weather - when a hurricane or tornado is coming- you feel it.  You get tense and see the dark clouds circling over your head.

Here are a few tips I have learned over the years:

1.  Grab on and hope for the best!  Breathe in and out and think if you strangled them right there, you would most definitely have to serve time.  LOL.  Keep a straight face.

2.  Whatever you do, DO NOT let them smell fear.  If they sense you are afraid, they will know you are weak.  This will enable them to get what they want.

3.  Just laugh and smile.  It is soo much better than crying.  People might think you are crazy. But, if that is the worst thing they say about you, you have arrived.

One time when my oldest Casey was around 3, we went clothes shopping.  Now mind you, Casey is on the spectrum.  I was picking out clothes for him and he proceeds to roll around in the store.  He is screaming and crying.  I try to coax him to calm down.

Yeah, right!  So, I took what the "professionals" told me and just ignored it.  As Casey was rolling continuously from side to side, I dropped to the floor and just watched.  Finally, after an hour, he looked up and smiled.

In the meantime, an older woman says to me, "I have stood here watching you and I am impressed.  You did not break.  But, if your kid wants to roll, you should teach him the right way."  Okay??

Enjoy the video and remember, "You Are Not Alone!".