Every Child Comes In Different Packaging And This One Is Special!

Samuel Forrest has been living a nightmare since his son, Leo, was born on Jan. 21. According to the New Zealander who's been living and working in Armenia, moments after Leo was born, doctors ushered Samuel into an office to meet his son and informed the new dad that Leo has Down syndrome. Undeterred by the news, Samuel took Leo in to see his wife and was immediately confronted with the biggest decision of his life. "I got the ultimatum right then," he told Good Morning America. "She told me if I kept him, then we would get a divorce."

After reading this, I had to sit down and think.  I think this woman is a total disgrace!  Kudos to Samuel and know that you are an incredible man!

My oldest son is a special needs kid and I look at him as a gift.  Every child born is different.  Everyone of them looks different, acts different and has different talents.  

But every child has a purpose in life.  Leo is a true gift from God and I know will do great things.  Down Syndrome children see the world as a great big playground.  They love everyone and just want to have fun.

Samuel, you made an incredible baby who will become an incredible man!!!!