Movin On Up!



A lot of changes are gonna be happening for me in the next few months.

My youngest is graduating high school and is gonna be going to college in North Carolina.  The other one is we are moving down to the Jersey shore.  We close on the house on June 30th.  Yikes!!  Also, my Mom is moving in with us. 

That’s the part I am okay with.  LOL.  Most of you are probably thinking “WTF?”.  But, trust me I am good with it.  She likes her vodka at night and she LOVES doing laundry. 

As we were all talking at the dinner table the other night, Casey (my oldest who is special needs) says, “What are you gonna do with Grandma when you and Dad you know?”  Casey starts hysterically laughing.  I know EXACTLY what he is talking about.  The big word SEX.  My husband and I just look at each other.

  Before we could respond,  Casey goes upstairs and brings down earplugs. He says “ I have an extra pair.  She is gonna need these.”  It is soo funny how kids today are so not afraid to talk about the taboo things we couldn’t repeat growing up.  I wanted to tell Casey that the reason Grandma was moving in with us for was so I didn’t have to perform my wifely duties!  Only kidding!!