Mission Impossible - Mom Ain't No Tom Cruise

Okay,  so I recently read about this Mom in Paris.  She disguised herself as her teenage daughter and went into the school to take a pre-college entrance exam.  First off, was the person checking in the kids smoking crack cause I am sooo sure this mom could not pass for a teenager!!

And what the hell was this mom thinking.  We all want our kids to do good and set goals and accomplish them.  But you couldn't pay me a million bucks to go back to school and take another test.  Not even for my own child.  I feel if I had to endure all the crap in school and all those pre tests for college, then my child will do the same.  Listen, misery loves company.  This woman did get caught by the police and is being sentenced for fraud.

Maybe she needed to watch a little more spy movies or just let her kid fail like the rest of us.  LOL.