Put A Flower In It


I have worked in upscale salons for many years. I have learned a lot about makeup, beauty trends and hair trends. I probably should have gone to school for this, instead of Journalism, if I knew I would be working in this field for so long. Oh well!

Friends always ask me how I get my hair to look good. I don't know what they are talking about because I think my hair is shit! LOL. The one thing I tell them is when you are having a "bad hair" day - ACCESSORIZE! Yes, ladies put something in your hair. Put a hat on it, braid it or my favorite - a Flower in it. A piece in your hair can make you feel beautiful and good about yourself. Don't knock it till you try it! Also, the beach look with the waves is ALWAYS a good one. Not only do you look sexy, but you also don't have to worry if a hair is out of place. That's the point!

Men LOVE sexy bed head hair. So if you want to ignite a little romance tonight, put a flower in your hair and hold on tight!