What A Guy!

 Last week, I had a monumental thing happen to me as a mother. As some of you know, my son Casey, who is 20, is developmentally delayed. I REALLY hate that word, but have to give you some info so you will understand.

Casey will be graduating from high school this June and will be attending a community college for Culinary Arts. Which is soooo funny to us because Casey only eats certain foods and refuses to try anything new. He will be a cook that never tastes his creations! LOL. Casey has been the Manager for the basketball team for 3 years. This has been a godsend and he LOVES it. He feels part of a team and the boys are incredible to him!! Now, lets get to that moment. We were at the banquet for the team and since Casey is a senior, he has to make a speech. I asked him for weeks if he was prepared and all he said is "Mom, I got this". Okay, I thought - let him fly. Casey has not had an easy life - doctors and hospital stays- but he always persevered. The kid just did what he had to do and just kept going. I am the woman I am today because of this child! I look at motherhood as being a roller coaster ride and I laugh at it, but I also think it is the best!! Casey and my other son Christian are the greatest accomplishments of my life. So, when Casey got up to the podium, I held my breath. But, all I saw was a little boy that grew up into a funny, compassionate man.

When you look at the video, just remember that everyone should get a chance and never push someone aside that is different. Casey got a standing ovation. You may never know what they will bring to your life. And to Casey, I am sooo excited to see you fly and watch where you land!!!!