Hi, I'm Kathy Chlan! Lifestyle Expert - Unfiltered Mom!

After years of being in the trenches of motherhood, I know how easy it is for your identity to get wrapped up in your kids. Now that mine are all out of the house, I’m a mom with new priorities: I’m trying to find me.

This is a place for moms to embrace the mistakes we’ve made (and continue to make) with no judgments while we navigate a new phase of life. It's dysfunction at its best. As a mother of two with a special needs son, I know what it's like to have a family that doesn't fit the mould—and I love it. My kids are the gifts that keep on giving.

I'm tipping a hat to my journalism past and sharing my perspective on the modern frontier for moms: treating yourself, finding your passions, saying no, and—of course—my family's crazy stories to help other moms realize that life isn't so bad. If you had a terrible day and screamed at your kid over Skype or in person, big deal. Here you'll find inspiration for moms who aren't sure about what they're doing. (And don't worry, there are a lot of us.)

We've all got adversities in life. My response? Laugh through it.